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Our Work Experience

Team Dynamics

Leadership and Team Dynamics

Achieving positive business results for clients

  • Lead Human Resource and Talent Acquisition initiatives

  • Support work in diverse and inclusive environments

Client Relations/Global Reach

Currently leading initiatives for USA-based and global companies.

  • Have previous experience leading global searches for UK, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Australia, and Canada

  • Worked abroad in Mexico and the UK on HR process improvement projects

Client Relationships
Negotiation and Business Acumen

Negotiator/Business Acumen

Contract negotiator in technology and vendor management including outsourced agencies to achieve expense savings.

  • Managed RFP projects and HR budgets with both forecast and revenue accountability

  • Design digital strategies, employment branding, employee referral programs, and technology to drive efficiencies and key metrics

Process Improvement

Collaboratively design, implement, and execute advanced HR and Talent Acquisition strategies.

  • Guidelines and best practices for quality of hire and onboarding processes resulting in a positive financial return for the business

  • Emphasis on HR process improvement for all metrics and reporting

  • Technology and present-day methodologies, including ATS and HRIS implementation

HR Strategy
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