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Specializing in start-up and rapidly growing companies, we help create, build, and scale total talent solutions!

Mountain Range

If you are experiencing any of these issues, we should talk!

  • Lack of HR department, infrastructure, or HR leader/generalist

  • You are overwhelmed with HR-related questions/work

  • Lack of HR technology, systems, and processes

  • No HR policies in place - inconsistent hiring practices

  • Employee performance gaps and lack of goals/KPIs

  • Quiet quitters - increase in voluntary turnover

  • Undergoing organizational change or a strategy reset

  • Not attracting STAR talent - overspending on recruitment

  • Employee engagement is declining 

  • Need overseas hiring/Expat management

  • Rapid growth company challenges such as new teams, employee stock plans, etc.

Helping Businesses Grow

“UpTalent Consulting has been and continues to be a great support in building out my recruiting and onboarding processes for my new company."

Founder & President

Technology-Based Staffing Company

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